[NEWS] Jam's Birthday Project by @FutureMrsMars
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Bruno Mars Indonesia
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Listen Up #Hooligans! @jamareoartis #Birthday is Oct 3rd & I need YOUR help with his Gift!

Please send me a Photo of Yourself Holding a piece of ‘Letter’ size (8 1/2 X 11) paper that has your Birthday Message on it! (don’t write too much or too small, cuz it will be shrunk & hard to read otherwise)

DEADLINE: Tuesday 9/25/12!!!  

PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW, I NEED AS MANY PICTURES AS POSSIBLE! Please Include your Name & Twitter Handle if you have one!

Send All Photo’s to:

Twitter: @FutureMrsMars


Email: JamsBirthdayProject@Hotmail.com




source: http://obsessingoverbrunoand1d.tumblr.com/post/31677917337

~Me ke aloha, Neng Buyah.

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