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Jakarta, 29 Oktober
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Hello! this is DJ sisy rachman . i practise everything i love like announcing, singing, dancing, acting, film making, and playing basketball. hope you always have a Great day cause live is just to be happy! and by the way, i really love Coffee! hope we can have a coffee day together! Cheers! XOXO!

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
RnB , HipHop
18 Juni
02 Agustus
27 November
11 Oktober
02 Maret
Rabu,05/03/2014 13:32
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Selasa,21/01/2014 13:52
dj aura pengen bgt jadi announcer di dreamers radioo :(
Sabtu,11/01/2014 21:14
Aura Chaisya
Sabtu,21/12/2013 20:01
hai dj ini aku aura @auraach
mau nanya nih dreamers radio ada gak di medan? :( rasanyaa aku pengen bgt jd penyiar radio di dreamers :') <3
trus dreamers radio ada ngadai give away gak?
trus 1 lagi aku pengen dj sisy jd kakak aku huuu :( harus dibaless ya dj kalo gak bls di twitter ajaaa gamsahamnida
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