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Hi Charlene- Welcome! Thank you for sharing your drames. As some of us have discussed previously, I wouldn’t be too concerned about when the drames arrived. Once we’ve set an intention and started incubating, drames can be hatched any time! Looks like you’ve been hatching away! I love your drames. They are very full of rich symbolism. Wow!If these were my drames and I held the intention of “how do I shine my authentic light with the lights of others,” I’d look at each dream for clues to describe how I can shine my authentic light. In the first dream, I might look at some of the descriptions metaphorically. Do I ever feel dumped upon, and maybe handicapped because of it? Am I or others around me stiff and unbending at times? Will a mothering, loving, nurturing nature help me—maybe I can love and nurture my inner child a bit?In the second dream, if it’s mine, I feel inclined to look into the metaphorical mirror. Might there be any inner demons that are being mirrored when I’m in the company of others? What if I chose to face them instead of shaking them off? What might I learn about myself/others?In the third dream, I might ask myself if there’s anything I’m dragging my feet about, and moving slowly. The fourth dream is my absolute favorite! Wow! Sometimes when I dream of animals, I consider, as some indigenous cultures do, what that particular animal may be able to teach me. This then becomes my animal medicine, showing up to bring healing.I’m completely amazed by the black/white tigers and also the fish! If this were my dream, I’d make a conscious effort to bring this animal medicine into my life. I’d google black/white tiger and see if I get any “aha”s. I’d also meditate or shamanic journey, or even incubate another dream inviting tiger to reveal my animal medicine. The fish of translucent cream color… I’d want to spend some more time with them as well. I'm struck by their coloring. Cream translucent Hmmm In my dream of your dream, I see tiger and fish leading to way, teaching you various ways to shine your authentic light! Thank you for sharing these powerful drames! Many blessings… Love, SherryLike +1
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